The Trek West and Early Utah History

Stories from Church History during the time of 1846 – 1900 will be linked here.

Alexander Neibaur’s testimony of Jesus Christ

Brigham Young’s October 1856 Address

Brigham Young sustained from heaven – Orson Hyde’s account

Ella Jensen raised from the dead by Lorenzo Snow

Ephraim Hanks – A Model of Obedience

Frederick William Hurst

Feramorz Young in the Spirit World

Heber J. Grant’s vision

Henry Ballard’s Miracle – May 17, 1884

History of Tithing

Hyrum Grant raised from the dead

I knew the angels of God were there

Jedidiah M. Grant’s vision

John Taylor uses the hymns of Zion to solve difficulties

Joseph Millett: An answer to prayer

Lorenzo Snow saw the Lord

Lydia Knight

Mary Fielding Smith prays to find her lost oxen

Nellie Pucell Unthank

Open your mouth – The paper is blank!

Orson and Catherine Spencer’s great faith

Orson F. Whitney’s sees the Savior

Patty Bartlett Sessions

Partnership with the Lord

Phoebe Woodruff’s experience

Salt Lake City in the winter of 1848-49

Satan appears at the Logan Temple

The First Sunday School in Utah – The story of Richard Ballantyne

The rescue of Arthur Parker: The story of the red shawl

The shoemaker of Trondheim

The temporal salvation of man – David O. McKay in Scotland

They came too easy – Joseph F. Smith on why the handcart companies stayed true

Wilford Woodruff’s vision

William Budge 1828-1919

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