The Ohio Period

This page will link to Church History accounts of the Ohio period 1831 – 1838.

A pastor confronts Lucy Mack Smith

Artemus Millet healed by the priesthood – 1835

Church history

First Presidency Vision of the Kirtland Temple – June 1833

Heber C. Kimall healed by the power of the priesthood in Kirtland 1837

History of Tithing

John Murdock’s vision of Jesus Christ

Joseph Smith heals Elsa Johnson’s arm

Joseph Smith miraculously provides water for Zion’s camp 1834

Joseph Smith rebukes the Devil at the Morley Farm

Joseph Smith, Zebedee Coltrin and Oliver Cowdery see Adam and Eve

Mary Elizabeth Rollins Lighter meets Joseph Smith in Kirtland, Ohio

Parley P. Pratt escapes from Stu Boy

The Father and the Son appear to members of the School of the Prophets – Zebedee Coltrin’s account

Thou art the man! – Newel K. & Elizabeth Whitney meet Joseph Smith

Zebedee Coltrin relates what Joseph Smith taught about the Sacrament

Zebedee Coltrin’s vision

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