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The Tabernacle

I like to teach Exodus 25-31 by first starting out talking about why the Lord wanted them to have a tabernacle in the first place, and then liken this to our day to show why the Lord has us build … Continue reading

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I am afraid I can’t answer that

I should like to tell you an experience I had while laboring as a missionary in New Bedford, Massachusetts, some years ago. We were approaching the Easter Sunday, and I had a discussion with a minister of the gospel about … Continue reading

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Tell No Man

Mark 1:42-45; Mark 3:12; Mark 7:36; Matthew 9:30-31; Luke 8:56 In Mark 1:42-45 Jesus tells the man healed of his leprosy to not tell anyone that He has healed him, only to “shew thyself to the priest, and offer for … Continue reading

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2 Samuel 11 Overcoming Temptation

The narrative of David’s downfall in 2 Samuel 11 is given with such detail and in such a matter of fact manner that it is impossible to miss the point.  David made a series of decisions that brought him and … Continue reading

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Exodus 32: A study in leadership practices

Today we examined how Moses and Aaron react to the Israelites’ desire to engage in idolatrous practices.  Aaron and Moses both respond in divergent ways – looking into their responses brought home a message to the youth in seminary. First, … Continue reading

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Exodus 25-27 The Tabernacle as a Type

Today in class we discussed how the Tabernacle the Lord instructed Moses to build is a type or shadow of our journey back to our Heavenly Father’s presence.  Everything the Lord instructed Moses with regards to the Tabernacle pointed to … Continue reading

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Genesis 39 Get Real

From time to time students express their frustration with those that ridicule them for their faith and for resisting temptation.  Others tell them that they need to “get real” and learn to “live in the real world”.  They are told … Continue reading

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