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The Baal-Peor Incident in Numbers 25

The Baal-Peor Incident – Problems with Numbers 25 Who caused the Israelites to worship the false god of Baal of Peor: the Moabites or the Midianites? (Numbers 25:1-2 vs Numbers 25:16-18, 31:15-16) Numbers 25:1-5 is a Yahwist text, and Numbers … Continue reading

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Revelation 12 – The Woman Flees Into the Wilderness

This excerpt from Mike Wilcox’s book “Who shall be able to stand: Finding personal meaning in the Book of Revelation” is just pure gold. He is a brilliant writer, if you haven’t read anything by him, you need to go … Continue reading

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The Apostasy

Over the years I have put together some material on the Apostasy. I am posting two rough and unfinished papers here for one of my classes that I am teaching right now – Foundations of the Restoration. apostasy-timeline-short-version apostasy-timeline

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Moses 6:54 The Son of God has atoned for Original Guilt

Bruce R. McConkie What is original sin? This is the false doctrine that the sin of Adam passes upon all men and that, therefore, all men-infants included-must be baptized to be saved. It is, however, a fundamental principle of true … Continue reading

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The Nicene Creed erased the anthropomorphic nature of God

“In common with the rest of Christianity, we believe in a Godhead of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. However, we testify that these three members of the Godhead are three separate and distinct beings. We also testify that God the … Continue reading

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Thomas Jefferson on the trinity

  Thomas Jefferson: “When we shall have done away with the incomprehensible jargon of the Trinitarian arithmetic, that three are one, and one is three; when we shall have knocked down the artificial scaffolding, reared to mask from view the … Continue reading

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I am afraid I can’t answer that

I should like to tell you an experience I had while laboring as a missionary in New Bedford, Massachusetts, some years ago. We were approaching the Easter Sunday, and I had a discussion with a minister of the gospel about … Continue reading

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