Student Questions

Over the years I have worked with lots of students with so many questions! While we don’t know the answer to all of the gospel questions that come up as we continue along our quest to learn all we can about the gospel, we do know so much! I hope the answers here are helpful to some, and if you have suggestions, feel free to comment or email me and we can see if we can add to the list.

144,000 – What is going on with the 144,000 in Revelation 7?

Abraham – Many questions about The Book of Abraham

Adam-God theory- what is it?

Advancement – Can people advance from one kingdom of glory to another in the next life?

Angels – What do we know about them?

Animals – will they be resurrected?

Apocrypha – What is it? Is it inspired? What should I know about this work?

Asking questions and doubt… am I okay?

Atonement – Did the Atonement of Jesus Christ apply to all worlds?

Atonement – How did it work before it actually happened? Could it have worked?

Baptism – The baptism of Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery

Balaam – Is he a good guy or a bad guy?

Black and White in the Book of Mormon

Blasphemy Against the Holy Ghost

Book of Abraham

Cain – Is he Bigfoot?

Calvinism – How does it compare to LDS Theology?

Dating the death of Jesus Christ

Degrees of glory within degrees of glory?

Did God really hate the Lamanites?

Did Jesus have a veil?

Did we choose our families before we came to earth?

Does the Lord have a plan for my life?

External evidences of the Book of Mormon – What are they?

Fall of Adam & Eve – This post analyzes several questions associated with The Fall

Father and the Son – A Doctrinal Exposition by the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

The Fisherman and the boat

First Vision Accounts

God – Teachings about God

Heaven – What is it like?

Heavenly Mother

History of Tithing

Holy Ghost – When did Joseph Smith learn that the Holy Ghost was the third member of the Godhead?

Holy Ghost – Will the Holy Ghost ever receive a body?

How were the synoptic gospels put together?

How does the Book of Mormon compare to the Bible as far as its witness of Christ?

How long does it take to be perfected?

Is Satan necessary?

It is not always not knowing that gets in our way

Is that doctrine?

Jasher – What is the book of Jasher?

Jesus Christ – Authority: Where did Jesus get his authority?

Jesus’ knowledge as a boy – how much did he know?

Lehi’s sacrifice in the wilderness, Deuteronomy 12, and the Temple Scroll

Lehites – Were the Lehites alone in the Americas?

Literal Descendants of Aaron

Messiness of Scripture

Millennium – common questions

Miracles – Why are miracles necessary?

Missouri – “Are we really walking there?” & other Missouri Myths!

Nephite Disciples – Were They Apostles?

Paradise – Luke 23:43 Today you shall be with me in paradise

Patriarchal Blessings – What about children from the same families coming from different tribes?

Paul – Was he married? What is going on in 1 Corinthians 7?

Paul – Reasons why Paul is so confusing (part 1)

Perfection – Do I have to be perfect to be saved?

Plural marriage questions

Priesthood Ban

Priesthood Keys

Priesthood – What priesthood did the Nephites hold?

Q – What is Q? Why do scholars think Q existed?

Questions ancient prophets would’ve answered

Race and Priesthood

Resurrected beings – do they have blood?

Revelation comes when we are on the move

Same sex attraction

Sabbath day worship and behavior

Satan bound during the Millennium

Seams in the text – Why do seams exist in the Gospel of John?

Signs of the times

Sons of Perdition

Student questions about marriage

Student questions about angels

Student questions about repentance

Student questions about suicide

Suicide – self destruction to get to the Telestial Kingdom?

The Lost Ten Tribes and other things we have lost

The Parable of the Divers

The problem of evil and its challenge to religion

The Translation Process of the Book of Mormon 

The Unpardonable Sin

Touch me not – John 20:17

Tragedy or destiny?

Translation – What do we mean when we talk about Joseph Smith translating things? The Bible- what is the Joseph Smith “Translation”? What does this mean and how is it relevant in my life?

Treadeth Down and Teareth in Pieces

Turn the other cheek? Are you serious?

What about all the suffering caused by Christians?

What is going on with the calf in Exodus 32?

When did “Another Testament of Jesus Christ” get added to the title of the Book of Mormon?

When did the Word of Wisdom become a commandment?

What if I don’t get an answer to prayer?

When is war ever justified?

Where are the signs and power of God?

What is a principle? What is a doctrine? What is the difference between the two?

What should we expect from prophets?

When will “all things” be revealed?

Who were the witnesses to The Book of Mormon?

Why did Jesus have to suffer, bleed, and die?

Why do some Christians teach that God doesn’t have a body?

Why does 1st and 2nd Samuel/Kings read so differently than 1st and 2nd Chronicles?

Why should we care what people do in their private lives? Why does it matter?

Will you engage in the wrestle? A BYU Devotional address by Sheri Dew

Zion – When will it be built?