Refuge in Illinois 1839-1846

The Saints were in Illinois from 1839 – 1846. This page will link to stories during that time period.

A Man named Townsend

Confronting evil spirits in England on missions

Dennison Harris and Robert Scott help to save Joseph Smith’s life

Edwin Rushton meets the Prophet Joseph Smith in Nauvoo

Elijah Fordham raised up by Joseph Smith

Healing of Joseph Noble

History of Tithing

Jane Manning James’ walk to Nauvoo

John Pulsipher Recollections

Joseph Smith’s prophecy of the rise of the Church in the Rocky Mountains

Joseph Smith sends his handkerchief with Wilford Woodruff to heal two children

Orson Hyde returns

The Transfiguration of Brigham Young – multiple accounts

The Transfiguration of Brigham Young – Zerah Pulsipher’s account

Willard Richards’ account of Joseph and Hyrum’s martrydom

William Huntington raised from the dead by Joseph Smith in Nauvoo


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