The Old Testament

As this year (2018-2019) I will be going through the Old Testament with my classes, I will continue to add material to this site. If you have any suggestions on material that you would like to see, feel free to comment on this page or send me an email. Thanks!

Messiness of Scripture

How does the Old Testament compare to the Book of Mormon in its witness of Jesus Christ?

The Documentary Hypothesis and Reading the Bible Critically

Old Testament Reading Chart – First Semester

Monolatry in the Old Testament

Prophets have Melchizedek Priesthood

Problems with numbers in the Old Testament

Teaching correct principles

Talents in the pre-earth life

Moses 1 – Identity

Gospel Doctrine notes on Moses 1

The Creation and ancient cosmology

Heavenly Mother

Doublets in the Pentateuch

Genesis 1-2 – How to create a wonderful life

Genesis 1:28 – Righteous Dominion

Genesis 2 – The Message of the Rib

Genesis 1-11 The Liturgy and Layout of Temples – Jeffrey Bradshaw’s article – excellent!

Moses 4 and Genesis 3 – The Fall of Adam and Eve

Moses 5 – The Downfall of Cain

Moses 6 – Enoch is in the house

Moses 7 – Enoch’s city translated and taken to heaven

Moses 7 – Enoch’s goal: Creating Zion

Moses 8 – Noah and the flood

The Epic of Gilgamesh – Tablet XI

The 120 year age limit – What is going on in Genesis 6:3?

Genesis 6-9 With Sources Revealed – The Composite nature of the Flood Narrative

Noah’s Ark as a Symbol

Genesis 10-11 – The beginning of differences

Genesis 12:10-13:4 The Wife/Sister Motif

Genesis 11-12 Abraham Wrecks Terah’s Idols

Questions About The Book of Abraham

Genesis 15 – Why is Abraham cutting up all these animals?

God will provide a lamb

Genesis 25-27 – Shedding the tears of Esau

Genesis 29-31 – Punning Around: Jacob and Laban’s Double Talk

Genesis 37 – The betrayal of Joseph

Genesis 37-50 – Fighting the Mighty Green Monster

Genesis 39 – Time to get real

Joseph as a type of Christ

Genesis 49 – Israel blesses his sons

Exodus 1 – The Birth of Moses and the Sargon Birth Narrative

Exodus 3 – Moses converses with Jehovah

What is your name? Ways to look at Exodus 3

Exodus 4 and 7 – Whose staff is it anyway? Discrepancies in the text regarding the ownership of the miraculous staff

Exodus 5 – Making bricks without straw

Exodus 6-12 – Why miracles are necessary

The hardening of Pharaoh’s heart

Exodus 12-13 – Redemption of the firstborn

Exodus 16 – Did God provide quail before or after Sinai? (Comparing Numbers 11 to Exodus 16)

Exodus 17 and Numbers 20 – The Movable Rock, or the Mobile Drinking Fountain

Exodus 18 – Use your strengths

Exodus 17-20 – Sustaining the Brethren, A Model Example of Thoughtful Discipleship

Slave Laws in the Old Testament – An analysis of Exodus 21, Deuteronomy 15, and Leviticus 25

Exodus 25-27 – The tabernacle as a type

Exodus 25-31 Why did the Lord want the Tabernacle built?

Exodus 28 – The Priestly Garments

Exodus 28 – Jesus Christ the Great High Priest

An eye for an eye

Exodus 32 – The Golden Calf, Moses, Aaron, and the Northern Priests of Israel

Exodus 32 – Leadership Practices

Exodus 32 – Throw Your Rope Over the Wall

Leviticus 19:14 – Don’t Curse the Deaf! The Enchanted World of the Ancient Near East

Leviticus 25 – The Jubilee Year

Numbers 5 – Lepers cast out?

Numbers 6 – What is a Nazarite?

Numbers 9 – A cloud by day and a pillar by night

Numbers 11 – Over a Billion Quail!

Numbers 11 – Did God provide quail before or after Sinai? (Comparing Numbers 11 to Exodus 16)

Numbers 16 – Korah’s Rebellion

Numbers 22 – Balaam and the donkey

Numbers 22 – Is Balaam a bad guy or a good guy?

Numbers 25 – The Baal-Peor Incident

Deuteronomy 1.1 – On the other side Jordan, or is it this side of the Jordan?

Deuteronomy 12-26 How did Josiah change the religion of the Jewish nation?

Deuteronomy 7 – Consequences of the marriage decision

Deuteronomy 32:8-9 and the Sons of God

The Amarna Letters

The Merneptah Stele – 1208 B.C.E.

Joshua 6 – The walls of Jericho

Joshua 10 – What is the book of Jasher?

Joshua 21 – The Lord keeps his promises

Judges – Israel cycles between apostasy and repentance

Samson – How to lose friends and negatively influence people

Ruth – An illustration of heaven working backwards

Why does 1st and 2nd Samuel/Kings read so differently than 1st and 2nd Chronicles?

1 Samuel 1 – How to deal with your adversaries

1 Samuel 3 – Hearing the Voices of the Lord

1 Samuel 3 – Be Ready

1 Samuel 4-9 – Keeping sacred things sacred

1 Samuel 9-10 – The nature of God

1 Samuel 10 – The children of Belial

1 Samuel 13 – Wait upon the Lord

The Downfall of Saul

1 Samuel 17 – David and Goliath

2 Samuel 6 – Steadying the Ark

2 Samuel 11 – Overcoming temptation

2 Samuel 13 – Dealing with abuse

Kings – Chronicles – Charting the kings of Israel and Judah 922-587 BC

1 Kings 11-14 – Fear makes us stupid!

1 Kings 16 – King of the mountain

1 Kings 17 – Elijah and the widow of Zarepath

1 Kings 18 – Blaming others for our problems

Esther – A credible witness

Job & The Problem of Evil

Suffering – Why did Jesus Suffer, Bleed, and Die?


Psalms – Gospel doctrine lesson 25

The Calling of Isaiah

The Use of Isaiah in The Book of Mormon

Isaiah 5 – The parable of the vineyard

Isaiah 22 – I will place on his shoulder the key to the House of David

Isaiah 29 – A book that is sealed

Isaiah 52:7-10 – Beautiful feet

Isaiah 56 – The Outcasts of Israel

Isaiah – A Book Relevant for Young People

Enough and To Spare

Partnership with the Lord


Jeremiah’s Symbolic Acts

Ezekiel 1-3 – Ezekiel’s vision

Ezekiel 37-39 – Dry bones, sticks, and war





Jonah As A Type

Jonah – A Message of God’s Love

Habbakuk 3 and Resheph 

Haggai – Put the Lord first

Malachi – My messenger

Malachi 3 – Do you love the Lord as much as you love the grocer?

Malachi 4 – I will send you Elijah

How God Lost His Body

Why a Body Does Us Good

The New Jerusalem

The Book of Mormon as a type

A scriptural search for the lost Ten Tribes and other things we lost

Signs of the Times

Joseph Smith and the Apocrypha



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