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Apocalyptic Visions of Daniel

Daniel 7-12 contain visions of Daniel that are apocalyptic. What is apocalyptic literature? Apocalypse is a Greek word meaning revelation, and apocalyptic as an adjective describes the genre of literature that contains visionary or revelatory experiences. Although such writings have been known from ancient … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

Signs of the Times “Our loving Heavenly Father and His Son, Jehovah, with a knowledge of the end from the beginning, opened the heavens and a new dispensation to offset the calamities that They knew would come. The Apostle Paul … Continue reading

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Examining the Enemy

Major Michael Duncan Jones U.S. Army Afghanistan, September 2004–February 2005 In addition to serving as brigade flight surgeon on Bagram Air Base, I also worked in the base hospital’s emergency room and as the physician for the detainee facility. There … Continue reading

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Here to Serve

Here to Serve Sergeant Terry Chang U.S. Army Reserve Afghanistan, February 2006–March 2008 I decided to go back into the army for a silly reason by most sane people’s standards—I wanted to experience war, and I wanted to go to Afghanistan … Continue reading

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Listen the first time

Chief Warrant Officer 2 Jared Kimber U.S. Army, Blackhawk Pilot Iraq, three deployments During my second deployment to Iraq, we were stationed in Kirkuk. As pilots of medical-evacuation helicopters, we have to be ready to pick up wounded soldiers and … Continue reading

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Amanda Barnes Smith’s experience at Haun’s Mill

Amanda Barnes Smith Amanda Barnes Smith 1809-1886 Amanda Smith, a woman of great faith and a survivor of the Haun’s Mill massacre, was born Feb. 22, 1809, in the town of Becket, Beckshire county, Mass., daughter of Ezekiel and Fannie … Continue reading

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Atheism, not religion, is the real force behind the mass murders of history

Atheism, not religion, is the real force behind the mass murders of history Dinesh D’Souza NOVEMBER 21, 2006 Accessed from the Christian Science Monitor:  on 11/8/2016 RANCHO SANTA FE, CALIF. — In recent months, a spate of atheist books have argued … Continue reading

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