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They came too easy

Joseph F. Smith shares his thoughts on why so many of the handcart pioneers stayed true to the faith – April 4, 1897 In conversation last evening with some brethren, some remarks were made respecting those who came in early … Continue reading

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The Wishing Tree

The Wishing Tree A Hindu parable One way of gaining insight into the doctrine of karma is through the parable of the Kalpataru,  or the Wishing Tree: Into a room full of children at play walks their uncle, who, of … Continue reading

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Genesis 33-34 Solving Conflict the Lord’s Way

Genesis 33 contains the wonderful story of the reunion of two brothers that were at odds. When Jacob left Esau 20 years before their reunion, Esau vowed that he would kill his brother Jacob (Genesis 27:41). After both men have … Continue reading

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Manhood of the Church called into armed services

When, therefore, constitutional law, obedient to those principles, calls the manhood of the Church into the armed service of any country to which they owe allegiance, their highest civic duty requires that they meet that call. If, hearkening to that … Continue reading

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When is war ever justified?

See also: Manhood of the Church called into armed services God is at the helm War Incompatible with the Teachings of the Savior Thus we see that war is incompatible with Christ’s teachings. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the … Continue reading

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This house is your wedding present

We have heard Dr. Goodell’s story of the house dishonesty built. It tells of a very wealthy man who had as a part of his household a young woman to whom the entire family was devoted. She was courted and … Continue reading

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It is not always not knowing that gets in our way

Some days ago I spent some time with a young man who was troubled. He did not like the way our Father in heaven was running the world. He said, “We need to know more.” Well, I agreed with him. … Continue reading

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