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The Miracle of the Blue Jeans

The miracle of the blue jeans – Kim Sorensen A few years ago, I found myself frequently in fervent prayer, pleading for blessings for myself and my family, blessings I knew we needed. I knew the blessings I sought were … Continue reading

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Water Miraculously Provided for Zion’s Camp 1834

Zion’s Camp – Water Miraculously Provided Oliver B. Huntington and Zera Cole [In the winter of 1890 Huntington “sat with paper and pencil” and took notes as he listened to Zera Cole give the following account from the march of … Continue reading

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William Huntington raised from the dead by Joseph Smith in Nauvoo

Raising William Huntington from the Dead As related by Levi Curtis About the month of August, 1856, William D. Huntington and I went into Hobble Creek Canyon to get a tree or log suitable for making drums. After we had … Continue reading

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A segment from the book “Lengthen Your Stride” by Edward Kimball

This page addresses the history of the priesthood ban, specifically by sharing several chapters from Lengthen Your Stride, by Edward Kimball. See also: Shouldering the Cross: How to Condemn Racism and Still Call Brigham Young a Prophet Understanding pre-1978 statements … Continue reading

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William Agnew’s Radio

Another example is a family in the mission over which I presided, a family by the name of Agnew. They were difficult people to convert. William Agnew, particularly, would not listen to the missionaries, but finally he consented to attend … Continue reading

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I Only Touched Ground Once

I would like to call your attention to what happens to a man in this church when he is converted to the truth. I hope you are all converts. I was in a meeting not long ago and I asked … Continue reading

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Do the best my judgment will teach me

Yesterday I taught a youth lesson on spiritual self reliance. As I was teaching, we discussed answers to prayers. A question came up that this quote addresses. What happens if we have a pressing matter, and we don’t feel as … Continue reading

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