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The Omniscience of God

The Omniscience of God God … knoweth all things, and there is not anything save he knows, 2 Ne. 9:20 (Morm. 8:17; D&C 127:2). I know all their works, 2 Ne. 27:27. Lord knoweth all things which are to come, W of M 1:7. Spirit knoweth all things, Alma 7:13. he knows all the thoughts and intents of the heart, Alma … Continue reading

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God is the Father of our spirits

God is the Father of our spirits God is literally the father of the spirits of all mankind (see Hebrews 12:9; Acts 17:28-29; Numbers 16:22) Jesus declared that his god is our god and that his father is our father … Continue reading

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The Lord Has a Plan For Your Life

The Lord has placed currents of divine influence in your life that will lead you along the individual plan He would have you fulfill here on earth. Seek through the Spirit to identify it and carefully follow that direction that … Continue reading

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Deification, Divinization, Theosis

I remember a conversation I had with an Evangelical minister in Chicago on my mission in 1991. The minister called me on the phone and asked that I come over with my companion and explain why Mormons believe that they … Continue reading

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Heavenly Father

                      See also: Deification, Divinization, Theosis God is an exalted man Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother How God lost his body Jesus reveals the Father The nature of God The … Continue reading

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