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Signs of the Times

Signs of the Times “Our loving Heavenly Father and His Son, Jehovah, with a knowledge of the end from the beginning, opened the heavens and a new dispensation to offset the calamities that They knew would come. The Apostle Paul … Continue reading

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Private choices affect us all

First, adults need to understand, and our children should be taught, that private choices are not private; they all have public consequences. “There is a popular notion that doing our own thing or doing what feels good is our own … Continue reading

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The Wishing Tree

The Wishing Tree A Hindu parable One way of gaining insight into the doctrine of karma is through the parable of the Kalpataru,  or the Wishing Tree: Into a room full of children at play walks their uncle, who, of … Continue reading

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Alma 46-48 The Power of One

We read in Alma 48:17 that if all men had been like Moroni, the powers of hell would be shaken forever. Since Moroni is an important protagonist in these chapters, it is good to analyze what he did and how his … Continue reading

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Alma 30 – Alma Confronts Korihor

I teach young people from the Book of Mormon on a regular basis. When I was a young person, anti-Mormon literature was difficult to come by. Today, in the age of the internet, even a member of the Church of … Continue reading

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Alma 43 Standing for Truth

Standing for Truth Alma 43 starts with the conflict in 74 B.C. between the Lamanites and the Nephites where many of the Zoramites defect to the Lamanite side. We read in Alma 43:8-9 the difference between the goals of the … Continue reading

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Romans 1: Welcome to the Roman world!

Romans 1 emphasizes the fact that God honors agency. Several times in this chapter Paul states that God allows even the wicked to seek their respective goals and purposes. He says, “God gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their … Continue reading

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