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Alma 36 – Analyzing the Text

Alma 36 is a wonderful example of chiasmus. What is chiasmus, you ask? chi·as·mus – kīˈazməs/ noun: chiasmus; plural noun: chiasmi 1. a rhetorical or literary figure in which words, grammatical constructions, or concepts are repeated in reverse order, in the … Continue reading

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Mosiah 25-29

Mosiah 25-29 is a record of what happened in Zarahemla from approximately 120 to 91 B.C. The people of Zeniff’s colony, including Limhi’s people and Alma’s followers, had returned to Zarahemla and were united safely under King Mosiah’s rule. This … Continue reading

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Mosiah: A Peculiar Book

The Book of Mosiah is very different from Jacob, or 1st or 2nd Nephi. The storyline goes all over the place- the book is named after a king that doesn’t give a speech in the book, and begins with an … Continue reading

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