Resurrected beings do not have blood

John Taylor 1808-1887

Resurrected beings have the power to do the things that mortals can do (though the ability to create life, or the power of procreation will be reserved for those that are exalted). Resurrected beings are very similar mortals, their bodies are tangible, having hands that can touch and feel just as we do. They have arms, legs, eyes, a mouth, hair, and other features that they possessed in mortality. Unlike mortals, however, resurrected personages have spirit matter in their bodies in the place of blood.

As John Taylor once said, “When the resurrection and exaltation of man shall be consummated, although more pure, refined and glorious, yet will he still be in the same image, and have the same likeness, without variation or change in any of his parts or faculties, except the substitution of spirit for blood.” John Taylor, Mediation and Atonement, 166.

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1 Response to Resurrected beings do not have blood

  1. I was actually kind of hoping I might “look” different in the next life; less like my mother. Just saying. 🙂

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