The Documentary Hypothesis and Reading the Bible Critically

file-saint_paul_writing_his_epistles-_by_valentin_de_boulogneI am going to add material to this page as I find the time. There is so much out there with respect to the sources of the Old Testament and how it came to be. I look forward to working on this project and welcome your input and suggestions!

Documentary Sources in the Pentateuch and Identifying the Sources: authoring-the-ot-ch-23

Balaam – Is he a good guy or a bad guy?

The Baal-Peor Incident – Numbers 25

The 120 year age limit in Genesis 6 and why it conflicts with the rest of Genesis

What about marrying your sister? Genesis 20 (Elohist text) compared to Leviticus 18 (A Priestly narrative)

Joseph sold into Egypt – Two Parallel Narratives

Whose staff is it anyway? Problems with Exodus 4 and Exodus 7

About LDS Scripture Teachings

I write about ways scripture applies in our lives:
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