David B. Haight’s witness of The Book of Mormon

David B. Haight’s witness of The Book of Mormon

Elder David B. Haight 1906-2004

Elder David B. Haight 1906-2004

Some members of the Church may remember Elder David B. Haight’s famous October 1989 General Conference talk in which he testified of marvelous visionary experiences. What most people are less familiar with is the later recounting by President Gordon B. Hinckley, sharing further details of Elder Haight’s experiences. President Gordon B. Hinckley quoted Elder Haight from the minutes of their meeting:

On May 4, [1989] he [David B. Haight] spoke to us at our meeting in the temple. I hope that I am not stepping beyond the bounds of propriety in repeating a few of his words as they were recorded on that occasion. Said he:

I am here as a result of your faith and prayers in my behalf, and the blessing of the Lord. I am grateful for the blessing I received from President Hinckley. I did not know about it until later as I had lapsed into unconsciousness. I pleaded with our Heavenly Father, that if it be His will, my life be spared. I didn’t see God or the Savior but I had the feeling of being in the presence of Holy Personages. I talked to them and pleaded with them. I was taught by vision or inspiration or revelation as a result of my pleadings. I was taught about the Savior, of John the Baptist, of the cries of repentance and of the need to be baptized. I was taught about the baptism of the Savior and of the last supper and the scene was clear—of the Savior washing the feet of the Twelve, of girding Himself and of administering the Sacrament and His suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane and of the trial. Of his beating by the soldiers and of his trying to carry the cross, and of the nails being driven into his wrists and his feet, and of the blood and suffering. The teaching that came to me was that I should teach repentance and baptism and of the Savior. I had marvelous manifestations regarding the Prophet Joseph Smith and of the Angel Moroni and of the prophets since Joseph Smith. This testimony filled my heart and soul during the hours of unconsciousness. There are things that happened to me that I am not able to reveal. I would not have words to express [them]. I knew I would survive the illness. I love this work. It is true. God is our Father. He loves us. We have a responsibility to carry out His teachings of the Savior. 1

When someone testifies of manifestations of Joseph Smith and the Angel Moroni, who holds the keys of the coming forth of the Book of Mormon, there is only one thing they could be talking about!


  1. Unofficial transcription of funeral remarks of President Gordon B. Hinckley, 5 Aug. 2004, n.p; see also David B. Haight, “The Sacrament—and the Sacrifice,” Ensign, November 1989, 59-61.

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