John Pulsipher recollections

John Pulsipher

(July 17, 1827-August 9, 1891)

Memories of Joseph’s last speech to the Nauvoo Legion.

I have been with the Prophet Joseph and heard his instruction weekly and sometimes daily. The last time I heard him speak in public he spoke to the Legion. After telling over what he had passed through and what he had suffered from men because he preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ, he says: from my boyhood up to the present time I have been hunted like a roe upon the mountains. I have never been allowed to live like other men. I have been driven, chased, stoned, whipped, robbed, mobbed, imprisoned, persecuted, accused falsely of everything bad. I have suffered till the Lord knows I have suffered enough.

“John Pulsipher Autobiography,” BYU Special Collections, Harold B. Lee Library, Provo, Utah, 7.

Witnesses the transfiguration of Brigham Young.

John Pulsipher 1827-1891

John Pulsipher 1827-1891

After the death of the Prophet Joseph, Sidney Rigdon came and sought to place himself at the head of the Church. By his flatteries he deceived many. Just before he called a vote of the public congregation, Brigham Young, the President of the Twelve, arrived from his mission. This was a joyful meeting. The faithful knew not that Joseph had ordained Brother Brigham and the Twelve to lead the Church but they knew that the Twelve were the next quorum in authority. They that served the Lord faithful were not deceived. I went to meeting where the church met in the grove east of the Temple where President Young arose and spoke and behold he spoke with the voice of Joseph. The very moment I heard him speak (August 8th) I thought of Joseph and from that time on his voice sounded like Joseph’s and from that time the Church generally were satisfied that the mantle of Joseph was on Brigham. Notwithstanding all this, Sidney Rigdon, James J. Strang, Lyman Wight, James Emmet and others led away many people from the Church.

“John Pulsipher Autobiography,” BYU Special Collections, Harold B. Lee Library, Provo, Utah, 7-8.

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