Numbers 22 Balaam and the donkey

Balaam-and-the-Ass (1)Numbers 22:22-34 can bring some interesting responses when teachers ask, “What can we learn from this experience?”

I have had some great responses, many of which sound something like this:

“Whenever a donkey talks to you, you should listen!”

“Don’t kill talking donkeys!”

“Animals have feelings too!”

While all of these are humorous responses, I do not believe that this is what the author of the text wanted to drive home. Perhaps one thing important to emphasize is the fact that the Lord will warn us when we are about to make major mistakes. President Packer put it this way:

It is not expected that you go through life without making mistakes, but you will not make a major mistake without first being warned by the promptings of the Spirit. This promise applies to all members of the Church. (President Boyd K. Packer, Counsel to Youth, General Conference, October 2011).

The Lord has a plan for your life

Sometimes when we are making major decisions, we may find ourselves with doors that were once open to us suddenly shutting. We may feel like Balaam, as if our foot is crushed underneath the weight of the situation. It is at these times that we should pause and think about our choice, and to take it to the Lord to help to discern his will for us. The Lord does have a specific plan for our life. Elder Richard G. Scott said:

Elder Richard G. ScottThe Lord has placed currents of divine influence in your life that will lead you along the individual plan He would have you fulfill here on earth. Seek through the Spirit to identify it and carefully follow that direction that the Lord has put in your life. Align yourself with it. Choose,willingly, to exercise your agency to follow it. (Elder Richard G. Scott, He lives, General Conference, October 1999).

The following thought relates to principle #11 in Elder Scott’s book entitled, “21 Principles: Divine Truths to Help You to Live By the Spirit”.

principle 11

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