Evidence of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon

I wanted to repost this as I am teaching Alma’s confrontation with Korihor. There is evidence that substantiates the claims of the Book of Mormon. While secular evidence will never prove the Book of Mormon to be true, it certainly will give us pause. Rational argument does not create belief, but it maintains a climate in which belief may flourish.

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Evidences for the Book of Mormon

Occasionally I have conversations with skeptics who ask, “What evidence do you have that the Book of Mormon is really true? How can this really be another testament of Jesus Christ?”

Evidence that the Book of Mormon, while good to have, is not the essential thing that will convert mankind to its truthfulness, or to the person the Book of Mormon is bearing witness of: Jesus Christ as our Savior and Redeemer. All the wordprint studies, understanding of olive culture, or reading of chiasmus will not convert anyone to a life of following the Son of God. Only the Holy Ghost can do this. When we let the Holy Ghost into our hearts, God can work through us to experience a life we would not have known otherwise!

Do not underestimate the ability to articulate an argument

In praising C. S. Lewis, Austin…

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