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Alma 36 – Analyzing the Text

Alma 36 is a wonderful example of chiasmus. What is chiasmus, you ask? chi·as·mus – kīˈazməs/ noun: chiasmus; plural noun: chiasmi 1. a rhetorical or literary figure in which words, grammatical constructions, or concepts are repeated in reverse order, in the … Continue reading

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Alma 36-40: The epistles of Alma- principles of parenting

In Alma 36-42 we read the advice of Alma to his sons Helaman (Alma 36-37), Shiblon (Alma 38), and Corianton (Alma 39-42). These chapters are an excellent source of information to those who want to practice principles of effective parenting. … Continue reading

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Evidence of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon

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Evidences for the Book of Mormon Occasionally I have conversations with skeptics who ask, “What evidence do you have that the Book of Mormon is really true? How can this really be another testament of…

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Alma 30 – Alma Confronts Korihor

I teach young people from the Book of Mormon on a regular basis. When I was a young person, anti-Mormon literature was difficult to come by. Today, in the age of the internet, even a member of the Church of … Continue reading

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Alma 29 Life is what you make it

Alma 29 begins with Alma wishing to be an angel. He says, “O that I were an angel, and could have the wish of mine heart, that I might go forth and speak with the trump of God, with a … Continue reading

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Alma 19 & 22: Trances in the Book of Alma

Trances in the Book of Alma I remember the first time I read the story of Lamoni in Alma 19 going into a “trance-like” state and thinking, “This is different! What is going on here?” Later we read that Lamoni’s … Continue reading

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Alma 21: What Didn’t Work

Aaron’s experience in Alma 21 is an illustration that can be used as a comparison to Ammon’s missionary work in Alma 17. While Ammon seeks first to serve, and to understand the people that he is sent to teach, Aaron … Continue reading

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