#BOMTC Day 30, May 6~Mosiah 14-17 or Pages 175-181: Don’t Burn Your Abinadi’s

My good friend “BroSimonSays” has given permission that I reblog this post. It is excellent and has many applications to young people!

Book of Mormon Translation Challenge

God sends certain people into our lives to help us see the Savior more clearly (Mosiah 14-16). I will refer to these people as “Abinadi’s”. They can be prophets (like the Abinadi in this account),  or leaders, or parents, or teachers, or friends, or whomever the Lord chooses. We don’t always appreciate the Abinadi’s God put in our lives. They can make us feel uncomfortable. Sometimes they point out things that we are doing wrong. But God send Abinadi’s into our lives because He loves us and He is trying to save us. Unfortunately many times we ignore the Abinadi’s that God sends. And sometimes we may even burn them! (Mosiah 17) If I could get one message across with this post it would be: DON’T BURN YOUR ABINADI’S! They are your friend, not your foe. We tend to burn our Abinadi’s when we confuse friends with…

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