The Seven Statements

The seven statements that we have in the gospels that Jesus uttered from the cross provide us with many insights into the character of Jesus Christ. His attributes, attitude towards those around him and his desire to lift us up are inspiring. By studying how he handled affliction, how he dealt with being in the worst of circumstances will be beneficial to us all. There are many approaches to teaching this aspect of the Atonement. I have had great experiences by just going through these statements in the scriptures with the youth and let them ask questions and share insights they have with their peers. There is much we can learn from this most difficult part of the Savior’s life.


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I write about ways scripture applies in our lives:
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7 Responses to The Seven Statements

  1. bashley0909 says:

    I have really appreciated your blog and have learned lots from all your efforts. Will you continue with Acts-Revelations? I hope so….
    Thanks again

  2. Ken says:

    As a early morning seminary teacher I really appreciate the insights you give, thanks! I hope you continue with Acts-Revelations as your blog is a great resource.

  3. Ken and bashley0909- To me, you are the heroes in this great work. I applaud each and every early morning volunteer seminary teacher worldwide. All of you are an inspiration to me personally. I had several early morning seminary teachers in the 1980’s that put me on a course that changed my life for the better forever. You may never know the greatness of what you are doing. I cannot thank you enough for teaching Heavenly Father’s children the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I love and respect all of you!

  4. Sonia says:

    I would love a post about the Resurrection for an Easter Lesson 🙂

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