Moses converses with Jehovah – Exodus 3

Today we spent some time looking at Exodus 3 through Moses’ perspective.  At the age of 40 Moses is called by the Lord to deliver the Israelites from the greatest empire Moses had ever seen.  Egypt had every power and luxury available, and Moses was just one man.

The great pyramid at Giza - by the time of Moses, this pyramid had been around for 1,000 years. This pyramid was the tallest man made structure on earth for 3,800 years: a testament to the great power of the Egyptian Empire.

When Moses expressed his fear that his efforts would not suffice, the Lord responded with a simple statement that has had profound significance in my life: “Certainly I will be with thee.” (Exodus 3:12)

This one sentence will prove to come to pass over and over throughout the story in Exodus.  Moses will come to know true power through his association with the Jehovah, the premortal Messiah.

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