The Guardian

Harsh grey water laps the shore

Of a sand covered beach.

The sharpness of the waves

seems to slice through the bitter air.

The grey skies seem to echo the unforgiving tide.

And the ship,

built from the wood of mother earth,

rocks in the howling wind.

They came only to cast their nets,

and pull in pounds of fish.

But today they will catch none.

Not with the thunder and the shaking mast

and the rain that beats upon the humble fishermen.

Afraid the wrath of God has come upon them,

these grown men tremble.

Perhaps silent tears stain their cheeks

as their hearts quake with wonder,

and their life memories flood their minds

as the sea floods the ship.

In fear they wake their master,

and ask him if he does not care they perish

and he arises to rebuke the wind

and calm the sea.

“Peace. Be still.”

I received this from Abbeylin Farnsworth the other day and thought this was so inspiring.

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