This website discusses ways that the Standard Works of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are relevant in the lives of young people. I hope that this can be a resource for students and parents as they study the scriptures and use them to solve the problems which we all face every day.

This site is organized so that you can go to each of the Standard Works and find content that relates to the text you are studying. Thank you for visiting.

New Podcast! Talking Scripture

Adult Education

Holladay YSA 2019-2020

The Old Testament

The New Testament

The Book of Mormon

Doctrine & Covenants/Church History

The Pearl of Great Price

Church History Stories

Student Questions

The Plan of Salvation

My videos


Some sites I love to use in my gospel study:


LDS Perspectives Podcast


Gospel Doctrine

JennySmith.net – An excellent resource for seminary teachers!

LDS Citation Index

Grampa Bill’s General Authority Pages


9 Responses to Welcome

  1. charlie says:

    i love this website. will you turn it into an app?

  2. Curtis Anderson says:

    Hey after two semesters I am finally on here. This is awesome thanks, Bro Day!

  3. Judi clark says:

    This site is awesome. I can’t wait to spend time here. Thank you!

  4. Ashlee VanAllen says:

    Brother Day- I always enjoyed your SS lessons when I was in your ward and you taught (think Placid Rose like 4 or 5 years ago). Random Question : By chance would you be willing to share your handouts with me? They help when I’m studying. Or maybe do you post your handouts online somewhere and I missed the link?

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